Stop flushing your hard earned dollars down the drain trying to DIY your own paid ads without a strategic funnel

So you want to invest in paid ads but are unsure on how to create a strategic ads funnel? Or maybe you've dabbled in ads that haven't delivered results

Chances are it's your strategy that sucks not the platform. Creating an ads funnel for your business is a complex task, and it’s incredibly easy to mess it up.

Lucky for you, we’re here to help you set up your complete paid ads funnel that will help you avoid flushing your ad budget down the drain.




find new customers

Engage with new customers using 'lookalike audiences' based off your custom and core audiences.

product retargeting

Re-market your products to users who take specific actions such as view product or add to cart to encourage conversions.

eye-catching graphics

Custom created graphics designed to capture your audience attention and optimise your CTR.

cost effective

Stop throwing away your money. Reach your audience and receive a high ROI with even the smallest of budgets.

with the right strategy, you'll be able to transform prospects into

Funnels are a necessary solution, and they’re the most effective way to take a cold audience all the way from point A to point Z. Leave the strategy and setup to the professionals and walk away with confidence that after your training session you will be able to manage your funnel with ease. A great option if you’re ready to start investing in Paid Advertising but aren’t ready to invest in management fees!

paying customers

Let me take your campaigns to the next level, budget your hard-earned money effectively and get some serious results. You’ll ask yourself why you hadn’t done it sooner!

can guarantee you will walk out feeling confident

kind words

kind words

Courtney is amazing at what she does, extremely knowledgeable and a warm friendly person which made the coaching session enjoyable. I did FB Ads training with Courtney and her explanation of things was concise and easy to understand. Highly recommend Courtney to anyone looking to improve their marketing within their business!

alannah y, republica tea

let's break it down

Briefing session/consult to better understand your goals

A full day dedicated to setting up your campaigns

Complete funnel set up of up to 2-3 campaigns to target every stage of their journey

Choice of Meta (Facebook/Instagram)  OR Google

Includes setup of copy, creatives & audiences

One week monitoring of campaign performance before the handover

2 x 1 hour consulting sessions spaced 30 days apart

One month email support

Recording from our session with written summary and actionable steps sent straight to your inbox

Payment plans available


what to expect

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