from $3k months to $20k+ months with the power of paid ads

Client case study

You can’t control the algorithm but you can take control of your sales.

Services: Facebook Ads Management

Boutique Sauces are chef inspired, high quality gourmet range of finishing sauces. These tantalising sauces are made from premium ingredients making it easy for home cooks to create gourmet meals with restaurant-quality flavours!

Before we took over this account, they had run paid ads both in-house and with other agencies. The biggest hurdle we identified in their account was breaking past a 2-3 ROAS. With an average order value under $50 this meant we needed to get our cost per result under $15.

We spent six months testing and find tuning their creative strategy from the tone and voice we used in their copy through to creative assets. The patience paid off and eight months later we had successfully scaled the business to $20k+ months maintaining over a 5ROAS.

What we have achieved..

Scaled from $3k months to $20k+ months

262% increase in website traffic

Dropped cost per sale from $21 to $8.

Increased average return from 2ROAS to 5ROAS

Increased wholesale account enquiries

Key statistics: