Grow your eComm business to consistent $10k months without relying on the algorithm

Ecomm Ads  Mastery

I know the stress of running your own business.

But what if you could take back control of your sales..

Right now, when it comes to your paids ads and marketing strategy, you might feel like:
  • The Instagram algorithm hates you
  • You’re still boosting posts with no strategy (yikes!)
  • You’re constantly refreshing shopify waiting for another sale to come through
  • You think posting more on social media will explode your business.
  • Your know your product solves a big problem, you just need to get it in front of the right eyeballs.

But here’s the thing..

Social media algorithms are always going to be outside your control.

This is why paid ads should be an essential part of your effective marketing strategy.

But you might have NO idea where to get started with setting up ads (and you aren’t quite ready yet to invest in a done-for-you digital marketing agency).

Ecomm Ads Mastery


A proven step-by-step framework to create Facebook & Instagram Ads that convert, so you can scale your business to 6 & 7 figures of revenue a year!

Just Imagine being able to grow your business your way and live your dream life. Having financial support to hire help and time freedom to do the things you love (like spending time with the kids) all whilst your ads do the heavy lifting.

This course will teach you how to utilise an omnichannel strategy for Paid Ad success.
Learn how to be at the top of your game and offer a consistent experience to your customers across every stage of their lifecycle creating a relationship that keeps them coming back! We’ll also cover different strategies to optimise your website and email marketing to enhance your Ad results and skyrocket your business to 6 figures and beyond.


Understanding Different Types of Ads
Defining your product features & benefits
Ad creatives that convert
How to structure your ad copy

module six

Set up a multi campaign funnel from scratch
Difference between Advantage+ and manual targeting
Dynamically retarget shoppers with a catalogue
How to grow your email list with ads

module seven

Understanding metrics and tracking tools
Why ROAS is a vanity metric
Interpreting performance data
Optimisation strategies to improve performance

module eight

Strategies for scaling
How to calculate your budget & where to spend it
Knowing your numbers - setting realistic goals


Building A Strong Base: Foundations For Success
Website Optimisation Checklist
Email Optimisation Checklist
Understanding Omnichannel Marketing

module two

Understanding Where Facebook Ads Fit In Your Strategy
Setting Up Business Manager The Right Way
Breakdown of Agency Testing Funnel
Understanding Definitions

module three

module four

How To Spy On Your Competitors
Analysing competitor strengths & weaknesses
Secret chrome extension no on is talking about

Defining your target audience
How to reach high value customers
The most up-to-date targeting strategies
Retargeting strategies to win back customers

Plus these bonuses..

4 x 30 minute group Q&A calls (value at $399)

Module: Setting up a PMax Google Campaign (valued at $297)

Marketing Strategy Checklist (valued at $29.95)

Definitions Cheatsheet (valued at $19.99)

Target audience strategy worksheet (valued at $19.99)

Canva Template For Ad Creatives That Convert (valued at $29.99)

PDF Guide with hooks to use in your ad creatives (valued at $19.99)

in addition You'll get;

honestly don't know where to begin as courtney went above and beyond for me!

kind words

kind words

She was super professional from the get go, so easy to get along with and extremely helpful and just took the stress away from me completely. I am already achieving a ROAS of over 8 which I have never experienced before so she has clearly done something amazing and I am am very very grateful for her assistance I would highly recommend Courtney.

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I know a thing or two about how to create ads that don't just convert, but that explore businesses bank accounts.

digital marketing specialist

founder of mcd creative.

Hit $770k in paid ads revenue in ONE month (with an average ROAS of 6.4)

Go from being stuck at $2k months to hitting their first $8k in less than 60 days

Generate an extra $250k in revenue from meta ads over 12 months for clients in personalised gifts

Go from feeling defeated and about to give up on paid ads to achieving their best month since October 2022

Founder of MCD Creative - a digital marketing agency that helps small business owners capitalise on their channels!

With 7 years experience in digital marketing, I've helped ecomm business owners just like you;

If you’re ready to start seeing consistent sales, gain control of your business future and build your dream life, you’ve come to the right place.


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Round two kicks off July 2024 - limited spots, join the waitlist!


The second round of the program starts July 2024!

With advertising, the easiest way to think of your budget is this. ‘You get what you pay for’. As simple as that. We generally recommend starting with $20 - $50 / day budget.

You can still take this course however we recommend waiting until your product is launched, you’re seeing consistent organic sales and have a conversion rate of 2% before running any paid advertising.

We hear this all the time and 99% of the time it’s either the strategy you’re using or external factors such as your website not being optimised. We strongly believe with the right strategy facebook ads can work for every business.

If you’re learning to manage your campaigns in-house or want a better understanding of how Facebook Ads work to know if your employee or agency is doing a good job this course is for you!
If you’re looking for advanced strategies we recommend booking in a 1-1 consulting session instead.

The program runs for 8 weeks.

As this is a digital product we are unable to offer refunds.

Great! Email us at

ecomm ads mastery

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