Nastee Apparel
Product photography for Nastee Apparel for their website product photos. View the portfolio online.
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Nastee Apparel

About This Project

Nastee is an online apparel brand specialising in random, funny and all round weird graphic printed clothing. After selling out of most of their designs by the end of 2018 they were looking to launch a new range early 2019 and wanted to step up their product images and re-shoot both the old and new collections. The brief for this photoshoot was to shoot the products on a plain background, ironed and folded. As the designs are made to order they needed to be added in the post production phase using design files supplied by the business.


“Courtney went above and beyond with our first project. She provided exceptional service and high quality photographs for my apparel brand. Her creative talent and enthusiasm especially impressed me. I would highly recommend her to anyone!” – Jess Maree, Owner, Nastee

Product Photography