Oak & Jackal – Reaching New Audiences Using Broad Interest Targeting [Case Study #1]
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Oak & Jackal – Reaching New Audiences Using Broad Interest Targeting [Case Study #1]


per day ad spend


Lower cost per landing page view
(compared to the previous campaign)


People reached

Their Story

Carefully Designed Timepieces

Modern and practical watches tailored to personal tastes not yet explored, with faithful colour schemes to wear through the day and night.
Originally launched on Kickstarter,Β Oak & Jackal’sΒ funding successfully exceeded 200% of the goal. It was with this start we were able to successfully launch as a business.

Their Goal

Broaden Their Reach

Oak and Jackal already had quite a strong customer base but were wanting to broaden their reach.

The Solution

Broad Interest Targeting

Oak and Jackal had previously run traffic campaigns targeting a lookalike audience based off their CRM system however were not receiving the results they had expected with the cost per landing page view being significantly high with a lower than average click through rate.

Using broad interest targeting we were able to identify interests that were relevant to their target audience and create multiple ad sets for each interest to test and scale.

From here we were able to customise the ad creatives in correlation with each interest. This included every aspect of the ad including image, headline, text and description.

The example on the right depicts one of the successful ad creatives

Their Success

Traffic Skyrocketed

Using broad interest targeting we were able to narrow and target a niche but relevant audience with targeted ads specific to each segment.

The campaign ran for one month from 1st June – 30th June and generated a reach of 7,914 people on a $5 / day budget.

  • 50% lower cost per landing page at an average of $0.66. Previous campaign average cost per landing page was $1.26
  • Increase in click through rate to an average of 2.76%. Previous campaign average click through rate waas 0.64%
  • Increase in ROI across all campaigns including re-marketing campaigns from new traffic generated