Dermal Love – Book New Clients Through Sponsored Messages [Case Study #3]
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Dermal Love – Book New Clients Through Sponsored Messages [Case Study #3]


total campaign spend for the month


leads (clients who claimed the offer)


cost per lead

Their Story

Independently owned and operated business providing high quality cosmetic injectables

Dermal Love are a small team of Doctors, Registered Nurses and Therapists with a big passion for inspiring and empowering women to look and feel their absolute best.

They pride themselves on delivering an amazing service experience and natural age appropriate results and are on a missionΒ to educate our clients to make good, informed decisions when considering non surgical cosmetic treatments.

Dermal love injectables

Their Goal

Drive new LVC clients

Dermal Love Aesthetics were wanting to broaden their reach and drive new LVC (lifetime value clients) through advertising their most popular service – anti-wrinkle injections.

The Solution

Sponsored Messages


Using the messages objective we were able to set up a sponsored message campaign targeting various audiences within a 30km radius. As the service being advertised was unique and of high dollar value we established that clients were willing to travel up to 30km to visit the clinic.

Different ad sets were created for each audience which was split into age brackets and interests. This allowed us to customise the images used in the ad creative to show a client of similar age to the correct audience post procedure.

The ad creative and copy offered a package price as a special for new customers for the month including a free consult. To book in for the free consult the client simply had to click the “Get Offer” call-to-action which opened up an automated Facebook messenger chat asking for their phone number so that a nurse could contact them to arrange an appointment.

Using sponsored messages allowed the consumer to stay on Facebook to complete their booking as opposed to filling out a landing page form which decreased the chance of issues preventing them from completing the booking.

The example on the right shows an example of a single image sponsored message ad.Β 

facebook ads cosmetic injectables

Their Success

Enquiries began rolling in!

Using sponsored messages we were able to create a campaign offering new customers an irresistible deal to increase LVC.

  • Total spend for the entire month was $634.95 generating 50 leads at an average cost of $12.70.
  • The best performing ad set showed an average lead cost of $10.56.
  • With a service cost of $549 they only needed 2 of the 50 leads to convert into LVC clients to receive a return on ad spend.