AlphaFit – Convert Customers Through Dynamic Re-Targeting [Case Study #2]
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AlphaFit – Convert Customers Through Dynamic Re-Targeting [Case Study #2]


total campaign spend for the month


website purchase conversion value for the month


average cost per click

Their Story

Australia’s Premium Strength & Conditioning Equipment Supplier

AlphaFit is an 100% Australian owned family business that manufacture gear specifically made for the strength and conditioning, functional fitness and high-performance community. AlphaFit listens to their customers to develop new or improved products that are second to none in quality, design, innovation and functionality.

They pride themselves on being the biggest and most reputable supplier of Australian made equipment to the Australian functional fitness community.

Their Goal

Re-engage Existing Customers

AlphaFit were wanting to re-engage existing customers who had taken specific actions on their website but had not converted.

The Solution

Dynamic Re-Targeting


Using the Facebook pixel we were able to configure a product catalogue that automatically updates upon each pixel fire. Using this catalogue we were able to set up a series of dynamic ads to re-engage existing customers who had taken specific actions on their website but had not converted.

After a period of testing we were able to scale and split ad sets into specific platforms and actions each with their own budget. From this we were able to identify that facebook received a higher conversion rate as opposed to Instagram therefore we were able to allocate a higher budget to this ad set to optimise for conversions.

We were also able to set up ad sets to cross-sell products to previous customers and showcase products to new customers using lookalike audiences and interest based targeting.

The ad creative shown featured products most relevant to the consumer pulled directly from the product catalogue.

The example on the right shows an example of a single image dynamic ad.Β 

Their Success

Sales shot through the roof

Using dynamic product retargeting we were able to create a series or targeted ad ads to both existing and new customers.

In the first month the new re-targeting campaign reached 5,958 people on only $32 / day across 7 ad sets.

  • Total spend for the entire month was $541.41 with total website purchase conversions reaching $12,378.61
  • Return on ad spend average across all ad sets 22.86
  • Total of 765 clicks at only $0.71 cost per click